We’ve changed from being just a Christmas tree farm that people visit once a year during the holiday season. We now offer group tours, primarily focused for schools and grades K-5. However, we will gladly take any groups of twenty or more on escorted tours of our farms.

For schools, we offer grade appropriate tours that include Common Core State Standards for science and history/social studies. The tours explain how a Christmas tree farm operates, and the importance of conifers to the natural environment and human civilization. We focus on science and history with hands-on experiences by encouraging our guests to touch the many exotic trees in our conifer arboretum and utilize the many learning aids we provide from observing old farm tools to taking part in simple farm chores. Our tours gradually increase in complexity as our guests increase in age. For younger children, we’ll discuss the function of needles and roots and other parts of a tree. For older kids, we’ll discuss how trees evolved to fit the colder climate of a boreal forest, wetter climate of a temperate rainforest or dry climate of an arid semi-desert.

One of our goals is to show young minds that until just a few years ago most children worked on a farm once they were able. For those children, going to school was brief or impossible and that television, video games and the internet were unknown.

Our tours include lots of walking up steep hills, but the tours are crisscrossed by roads so that anyone who may be unable to walk among the trees can still follow along in a vehicle. We can also customize our tours to meet your special needs. Don’t forget, our tours aren’t just for kids. Adults are welcome to come and experience the 54 types of conifers growing on our farms.

Our tours are about 1 to 2 hours.

We charge $5 - $7 per person.