We open November 29 -- the day after Thanksgiving!

Church Christmas Tree Farms

Use Our Saws or Bring Your Own


We provide small, foldable saws for your use, or you can bring your own. 

We do ask that only adults carry and use saws. Chainsaws and axes are not allowed. 

Please be careful with the saws and keep the ones we provide folded until you are ready to cut.

Big Tree, Small Tree -- All the Same Price


Before choosing a tree, remember that we price by specie, not size. A 12 ft. tree is the same price as a 2 ft. tree as long as both are the same specie. We do this for several reasons. One of them is because it reduces congestion in our sales area by avoiding the extra time involved in measuring a tree.

Topping: Cutting the Top Few Feet of a Tree


Farms that price trees by height discourage topping. This is where a large tree has the top few feet cut. This results in a tall tree being sold at a considerably lower price. At our farm, it is okay to top a tree because our pricing is geared towards the sale of medium and large trees regardless of where the cut is made.

Options for a Small Tree


We understand that not everyone wants or can use a larger tree. Some customers want a small tree for a child, other family member or an extra room. It can be expensive to pay full price for a small tree. With that in mind, we usually have some reasonably priced small pre-cut trees from our farm in El Dorado County. 

These trees can sell out and not be available after the first couple of weekends. Another option for a small tree is our discount trees.

Discount Trees


Not all trees are the same. Sometimes, now matter what we do, a tree never acquires a Christmas tree shape. The cause might be the genetic makeup of the tree, damage from animals like deer, drought, shade from a larger tree or other reason. Most farms will cut these trees out.  We either let them continue to grow because sometimes they become nice looking big trees or we offer them as discount trees. 

Our discount trees are slashed in price dramatically. If you aren't particular about how a tree looks, these are a bargain. Sometimes, the top few feet are nice and can be cut to make an inexpensive small tree.

Be Careful and Safe


Our farms are on hillsides. It's possible to slip and fall, step into a gopher hole or trip over a stump. The fields are filled with natural imperfections that make tree hunting fun and a bit adventurous.

Also, when driving please go no faster than 5 MPH. Children and pets can pop out from anywhere. When walking, respect the roads as there are narrow and blind corners. And be careful of speeding drivers!

Friendly Dogs are Welcome


Your dog or other pet is welcome on our farms. We have only two requirements. They must be friendly and on a leash. We also ask that you keep your pet away from other customers, and their pets as even a friendly pet has a bad day.

Free Coffee and Candy Canes


We offer a complimentary cup of coffee or hot chocolate for our guests. We also have some free candy canes for the kids (adults too!).

Tall Trees


Since we have been selling Christmas trees for nearly 60 years, we have a number of tall trees in the range of 15-20 feet. These are primarily white firs, incense cedars, white spruce and pine.

Choosing Where to Cut


Please leave at least two branches at the bottom of every tree. The branches will form a new tree in a few years. We understand that leaving branches will sometimes impact the appearance of the tree so it's okay to cut wherever you want if necessary. It is also fine to leave a high stump or even top a tree.  

Wreaths, Stands, Netting, Tree Accessories and Gifts


We make many of our own wreaths so they are always fresh. Swags and garlands are also available. We offer a broad range of tree stands and provide netting for your tree at a small charge. We have a selection of tree accessories, such as preservatives, disposal bags and gifts, including vintage ornaments.

Free Tree Shaking


Some trees, especially pines, tend to collect dead needles on the inside. We offer free tree shaking to rid your tree of those needles before you take it home.

Tree Stands, Mistletoe, Holly...


We have tree stands to fit most tree sizes. We only sell water stands and highly discourage stands that don't hold water because the tree is likely to dry out before Christmas without water. 

We also have an assortment of Christmas items like pine cones, decorations, mistletoe and holly that we grow on our farm. In addition, we usually have some small potted trees and other plants.

Taking Your Tree Home


For a small fee, we will net your tree. We recommend netting when placing the tree on a car or maneuvering a big tree through a small doorway. We also offer free twine to secure your tree on top of your car, inside the car, in your trunk or however else you take your tree home. We do not assist in tying a tree to your car because our insurance company is a grinch and forbids it. 

Before Putting Your Tree Up


If you want to keep your tree fresh for weeks, we suggest two things. Before you put it in a stand of water, make a fresh cut a half-inch or more at the base. After that, make sure the water bowl doesn't go dry. It only takes a few minutes for the base to sap over when dry and the tree to stop taking water.