We open November 29 -- the day after Thanksgiving!

Church Christmas Tree Farms

A good rule of thumb for pricing trees is the shorter the needle, then the more expensive the tree.

Our Prices (all prices include tax)



Firs and Spruces

We primarily have Douglas fir and white fir with a few other fir species scattered about. Our spruce are mainly Norway, white and Colorado Blue.

Firs and Spruces are most easily identified by short needles

  Douglas fir were once are primary seller, but climate change has made growing Douglas fir a challenge. They don't do well in a warmer climate and the open sun. Slowly, we are shifting to other firs, spruces and drought resistant varieties like pine and cypress. We are still growing Douglas fir, and we will always have some. However, the selection will be limited for the Douglas fir. We do have many white fir, spruces and other firs though. 

Some of our taller trees are spruces.



Pines, Cypresses, Cedars and Redwoods

Most of our pine are Monterey pine with a smattering of Italian stone, ponderosa and Scots. We also have Leyland and Murray cypress, a fast-growing drought resistant hybrid that looks similar to an incense cedar, one of our other popular varieties. We also have some Monterey cypress, Arizona blue ice cypress and a few coast and sequoia redwood.

Pines have the longest needles. Cedars have a flat leaf-like appearance. Cypress have rounded needles. Redwoods have either flat or rounded needles.

Many of the pines naturally collect dead needles inside the tree. There is nothing wrong with these trees. This is a normal process of shedding old needles replaced by new ones. We offer free tree shaking to  remove those dead needles before you take your tree home.

Most of our taller trees are cedar and a few pine.

$65 and up


Pre-cut Firs

We offer pre-cut noble, grand, Douglas and Nordmann fir from Oregon. We added these trees a few years ago because drought and a warming climate has reduced our inventory of Douglas fir. Many people prefer the traditional look of a fir tree for Christmas. So if you can't find a tree to cut in one of our fields, we usually have some stored in water near one of our sales areas.

Our pre-cut trees are not like the ones found in many retail stores. We are tree fresh certified. This means that when our trees are offloaded from trucks they go through a process to keep them fresh. A small cut is made on the base and they are immediately placed in water until they are sold.  This allows the trees to remain fresh until Christmas.

Our pre-cut firs are 6-8' in height. We are happy to provide tips on how to keep them fresh until Christmas. We also have tabletop trees at a reduced price.